Quera Bookstore is the oldest bookstore in Barcelona keeping its original location. An ideal space for book launches and latest or desktop publications presentations. Check our activities calendar to keep up to date and be able to participate in our events.


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We have many types of guides: nature identification guides, species classification guides, guides for all kinds of mountain activities (hiking, climbing, bike routes, mountain skiing, family outings, caving, canyoning, rides, etc.).


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Travel narrative is a great way to get to know the world. His reading transports us to experiences and adventures of travelers and explorers who have been treading all corners of the planet.


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At the bookstore you’ll be able to find different sorts of maps, but we have a greater variety of topographic maps. This kind of maps will help us plan our mountain hiking, get oriented and become familiar with our environment.


There are books that, for some features or other, become essential in any mountain library. These books you can find at the Quera bookstore.


Recently we have started having second hand books, always focused on travel and mountain. Years go by and we have more and more books at home. Most of them we have already read, and it maybe a good time to make room for the ones we still have to read.

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